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Die UX-Landschaft nach XING FutureMe

29.06.2014 in DeutschGedankenNewsUser Experience  von Katrin Mathis

Letzte Woche hat das Business Netzwerk XING einen neuen kostenlosen Dienst gestartet: FutureMe soll Nutzern des Netzwerks Karrierewege und Neuigkeiten zu relevanten Berufen aufzeigen. Aus meiner Sicht eignen sich die anonymisierten Daten aus etwa 14 Millionen Profilen des führenden Business-Netzwerks aber auch sehr gut für einen Überblick über die User Experience (UX)-Landschaft in Deutschland und der Schweiz.


On my Part-time MBA Study Plans

04.07.2013 in EnglishNewsWeiterbildung  von Katrin Mathis
Service Innovation and Design at Laurea University of Applied Sciences

As some of you will already know I will start a MBA program in Service Innovation and Design from September at Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Reason enough to tell you a bit more about my plans. It's a part-time program which means that I will keep doing freelance work much like it has been for the past year only reduced to around 80% of my current workload. 


My week as rotating curator for @ichbinBW

03.05.2013 in EnglishNews  von Katrin Mathis

Oliver Gassner has started the @ichbinBW Twitter account in the beginning of the year. Each week a different person from Baden-Württemberg curates the account with their own personal touch. The concept of Rotation Curation was started by @Sweden in December 2011 and has since spread to not only countries but also regions, cities and even companies such as @being-vodafone. I'm not born in Baden-Württemberg but have lived here for most of the past 8 years. After following the account for a while I decided to apply for curating the account between April 22 and April 28.


Welcome to my blog!

21.12.2012 in EnglishNews  von Katrin Mathis

An eventful year lies behind me. Last year around this time I was working on a compelling project for a medical technology enterprise that found itself struggling to keep up with competitors. Prior market research had shown that customers were favoring competitors in terms of product quality while all three companies were valued equally neutral in service and support. This gave me the chance to apply what I had been learning about service design. In addition to the team's marketing concept for a new product that would lift product reputation, I created a service ecology together with a colleague that filled this gap with a range of services across all channels for a true competitive advantage.


The last two and a half years I had enjoyed working as a consultant and conceptioner in an international communication agency mainly because of the chance to work in such a brilliant team and do projects for large international clients. A very different challenge began when I set up my own business in May. I was lucky to quickly find a shared office space together with a trusted ex-colleague and to be able to rely on a network of talented folks that compensated for not being part of a team anymore. 


One of the main reasons for this step was that I wanted to focus more on my main areas of interest, particularly service design and web analytics. During the past few months I participated in a HCI class on and attended many inspiring events from barcamps in Saarbrücken and Stuttgart, TYPO3 camp Stuttgart, d.confestival in Potsdam, Usability Day in Stuttgart and the Analytics Summit in Hamburg. The chance is high that I'll share some insights from these events in the coming weeks.


Looking back, many things have turned out differently than expected - some even better, others are still to be optimized. Overall, I have not regretted my decision a single second.


In 2013 some things that I have been working on will become real, among them a Design Thinking hands-on workshop with Daniel Bartel on March 1 followed by the 1. Service Design Jam Freiburg on the same weekend. In this blog I want to share news, thoughts and inspiration on a weekly basis. I have decided to generally blog in English because I believe in knowledge exchange beyond country borders although one or the other post might be in German.


I want to thank everyone who supported me during the past year, especially the clients who trusted in me and who allowed me making a living doing what I am truly passionate about. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Katrin Mathis, UX Konzepterin und Service Designerin aus Freiburg

Katrin Mathis
MBA in Service Innovation & Design und BSc in OnlineMedien berät seit über 10 Jahren Unternehmen, die digitale Transformation zum Nutzen ihrer Kunden einzusetzen.


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