Multichannel Projects for Knauf

The French division of Knauf, a family-owned enterprise in building materials and construction systems has been at the forefront in linking their marketing efforts into a true multichannel strategy comprising print publications, websites, desktop and mobile applications along with traditional marketing.

Knauf's multichannel strategy

Desktop Widget LaBoks

With LaBoks Knauf is constantly present on the desktops of their customers. The desktop application facilitates daily tasks through quick access to a product selection, price list or different calculation tools. Through selection of widgets LaBoks is fully personalizable.

Knauf LaBoks Desktop Anwendung und RT2012 Widget

I was involved in the conceptual design of the accompanying website as well as in the creation of additional widgets. For example a delivered Excel sheet with complicated calculations on the energy performance standard RT2012 had to be turned into an intuitively usable interface together with a screen designer.

iPhone App La boîte à Outils

Following the success of LaBoks Knauf placed early emphasis on the upcoming mobile technology. Much alike the desktop application their native iPhone app follows a modular approach. Core piece of the app is the catalogue with over 700 pages than can completely be accessed on the go. Features such as bookmarks and notes offer a true added-value compared to the printed version.

Knauf iPhone App with Catalogue and Contacts

Besides the conceptual design and creative direction of the app I was in this case also responsible for the screendesign of the accompanying microsite.

Hybrid Tablet App Archi'

In 2011 a hybrid tablet app was added to the digital offer of Knauf. The new customer magazine Archi' was realized first for iPad and as Drupal website. In case studies and interviews around a varying thematic focus Archi' shows the potential of Knauf products. In the digital versions, photo spreads are enhanced by additional multimedia elements such as video or interactive maps as well as bonus articles. New issues can to a large extent be automatically created out of Drupal.


Knauf iPad App

Agency // BGA Group

Client // Knauf France

Year // 2009 - 2012

Role // Consulting, Conceptual Design, Screen Design