Service Design Thinking

Quite often the single parts of a service run smoothly but their interplay causes friction. For an optimal customer experience I always consider the whole customer journey beyond digital touchpoints.


Service Design leverages methods from related fields such as usability or strategic management. It aims to strategically plan and improve services holistically across time and channels.


Stakeholder Map Service Design method

Stakeholder Maps

In many cases, services arise from the cooperation between multiple partners. Stakeholder maps visualize how actors relate to each other and raise awareness of the ecoystem in which a service operates.

Customer Journey Map Service Design method

Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Maps visualize services from the view of customers. They reflect the aggregate subjective experience with a brand. On that basis, deficiencies and potential for optimization can be identified.

Service Blueprint Service Design method

Service Blueprint

A service blueprint visualizes service processes from the view of customers as well as with all required background processes invisible to customers. On this basis, issues and potential for optimization can be identified.

Desktop Walkthrough Service Design method

Desktop Walkthrough

With small-scale 3D prototypes such as with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ desktop walkarounds simulate service processes and reveal inconsistencies.

Reveal the root cause, experiment rather than discuss, make mistakes and learn what works well. I assist in the selection of suitable methods and see through the process. You are involved in every stage of the process and decide if and how you would like to proceed. 


No matter whether your goal is to improve existing services or to innovate new services: Well-thought-out service concepts help you gain competitive advantage and make for satisfied employees and clients. Do not leave good service to chance!