Big Data Innovation Workshop

Today, the digital revolution has given businesses data in quantities never seen before. And the data flood will continue to grow in the coming years. Above all, the Internet of Things (IoT) offers new possibilities for insight into how products are used. It is not easy to keep a good, up-to-date view of the big picture!

Only 4% of German companies already use Big Data for new business models.

BITKOM, 2012

And yet, big data makes new business models possible, models that complement your existing business and give you competitive advantages. Unfortunately, the employees who are in contact with the data in their daily work are normally not involved in developing new business models. In the same way, those employees, whose job it is to take care of developing new business models, do not normally have a comprehensive knowledge of the entire spectrum of available data.


In a Big Data Innovation Workshop, bring together staff with widely differing viewpoints and experience. Start a discussion about what data is available in your organization and how this data can be used for new business models.

Workshop Formats

You should allocate at least a half a day for a Big Data Innovation Workshop. You will learn about the Data Canvas, a tool that I developed, at first hand. In an interdisciplinary team of 3–9 people, you will find out which data are available in your organization to use for new business models, and which stakeholders are relevant in this context.


Or you can work more intensively with the topic and go straight into creating new ideas on the basis of this data. Using an addition 0.5–2 days, apply Design Thinking to work on concrete ideas and initial approaches to new business models.

Focus on the business model

Develop ideas for possible new business models on the basis of your data, for example with the Business Model Canvas.

Focus on Customers

Identify customer jobs that can be supported by your data, and discover a Data-Need Fit in a Value Proposition Canvas.

Focus on Data

Investigate, for instance with the IoT Service Kit by Futurice, which additional data your company could acquire.

I can, if desired, follow up on ideas from the workshop as a coach, and help you with the validation and implementation of these ideas.


  • Preliminary discussion
  • Planning and realization of the workshop
  • Provision of prototyping materials
  • By request arranging for a location and catering
  • Documentation and follow-up

Target group

  • Directors
  • Innovation und Business Development Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Data Scientists
  • Intrapreneurs

Contact me to discuss your specific workshop concept if you wish to achieve a better understanding of the data available in your organization and how you can use these for new business models.

Katrin Mathis, freelance experience designer based in Freiburg, Germany

Katrin Mathis

holding an MBA in Service Innovation & Design, Katrin has worked as a consultant for digital services for more than 10 years. She has developed a Data Canvas.


Data Canvas

Data Canvas – Daten für neue Geschäftsmodelle nutzen

Overview and trigger questions for using data for new business models