Project Management as Product Owner

Instead of handing over concepts and waiting for implementation, I prefer to manage projects during implementation to ensure a smooth realization. In close collaboration with screen designers and developers, I ensure that specifications are well understood and implemented to the benefit of users. Especially in complex projects I favor an agile approach.

Agile software development with Scrum

Scrum is an agile approach for complex projects that utilizes self-organized teams typically comprised of 3–9 people. The more complex a project is, the less clear the requirements and the solution approaches are in the beginning. Detailed plans that are created prior to implementation quickly become outdated. Time and budget needs can only vaguely be estimated. In reality they frequently get out of hand when new requirements emerge.


Scrum breaks down complexity through an iterative approach. The project plan is continuously refined. In a "sprint," a time box of typically 1–4 weeks, a sub-product is completed. Frequent interim results reduce uncertainty. Reactions of users and the market can be tested early on. With ongoing conceptual design, I can include new insights at any time and create a product that is as valuable as possible.

The Role of the Product Owner in Scrum

Key to success in agile projects is the Product Owner, who maximizes value at the interface between users and the development team. As Product Owner:

  • I channel communication with stakeholders and represent the customer perspective in the Scrum team.
  • I organize the "Product Backlog" as a task list for the development team.
  • I collect requirements, describe them in "Epics" and "User Stories," and prioritize them in the backlog.
  • I work closely with the development team to clarify requirements.
  • I test completed features for acceptance and approve them based on the "Definition of Done."

My contribution ensures that your projects are implemented smoothly. Talk to me if you need a Product Owner or UX Architect for your project.

Katrin Mathis, Product Owner and UX Architect based in Freiburg

Katrin Mathis

MBA in Service Innovation & Design, has worked as a consultant for digital services for over 10 years. With a lot of empathy, she designs solutions with greater value.

Certified Scrum Product Owner

Katrin Mathis os Professional Scrum Product Owner I, certified by

As certified Scrum Product Owner I can fill this role in your Scrum team. Or I can do the groundwork for the Product Owner as an UX architect on your development team.

Further Qualifications

  • BSc in OnlineMedia with programming experience
  • MBA in Service Innovation & Design
  • Google Analytics Qualified Individual (GAIQ)
  • Experience with Jira and Confluence