Service Ecology für Diagnostics Manufacturer

With the launch of a new instrument, a leading diagnostics manufacturer intended to stand out against the competition. In a pitch, BGA presented innovative measures to support the product launch such as interactive print ads, a redesigned website and a product microsite with parallex scrolling effect.


One step further goes the submitted service ecology. A preceding customer survey had revealed higher trust in competing products but none of the other competitors could stand out with service and support. Aside from bettering their product perception I saw the opportunity to create competitive advantage and additional revenue streams through a distinct service orientation. 

Service Ecology and iPad App for Diagnostics Manufacturer

Together with a colleague I worked out first ideas for a service ecology that leverages existing resources and adds additional offerings. Thus evolved for example the idea of a user club that provides bundled resources across channels and encourages customer participation through submission of own images and commenting.


Thereby a huge knowledge basis could be formed that fosters pathologists in their daily routine, strengthens brand loyalty and fills the suggested claim "Fighting Cancer Together" with life. 

Agency // BGA Group

Client // Leading diagnostics manufacturer

Year // 2012

Role // Consulting, Conceptual Design and Creative Direction