Responsive Website for the Planetarium Freiburg

With its distinctive dome, the Planetarium Freiburg is among the most notable planetariums in Germany. It is popular among citizens of Freiburg and tourists, old and young, alike, putting on more than 600 shows per year. Its projector technology is highly advanced, yet its website was outdated, as it was not the focus of their activities in the past years.


The new website aims to be more informative to visitors. Its responsive design makes it easier to use on the go. By better communicating open seats, shows will be better utilized. Even more important than bringing in more visitors, though, is further raising the already high customer satisfaction. Design studio know idea won the bid over 10 other agencies to relaunch the website. I have supported know idea with conceptual design for the website relaunch.

Service test for unbiased feedback

To begin, we performed a service test. Without prior notice, we visited two shows of the planetarium. In doing so, we could experience the service for ourselves and at the same time take note of some issues that could be improved for customers.


Many visitors do not know exactly what a planetarium is and cannot differentiate one from an observatory or a museum. Upon reflecting on their self-perception together with the six employees, we developed the subline "Travel with us through space and time," which is aimed to convey at first sight what visitors can expect in the planetarium.


Responsive website for the Planetarium Freiburg with parallax scrolling effect

Even though the website is not very extensive, its navigation concept posed several challenges. For one thing, it needed to address heterogenous target groups. As an educational institution of the city of Freiburg, the Planetarium offers shows for kindergartens and schools in the morning. These shows are often fully booked early in advance, and visitors arrive in groups. In the afternoon and in the evening, shows are open to a broad public. For these shows, tickets are often still available at short notice. The program needs to be presented differently to both target groups. Furthermore, it was important to separate mere information from the transaction of reserving tickets.

Website informs and delights before and after the visit

The new website informs visitors better prior to their visit. Revised and restructured information channels visitors' expectations and contributes to their satisfaction. Small bites of knowledge create curiosity about our conception of the world. Small animations and slight parallax scrolling support its effect without disturbing the flow. Subsequent to their visit, visitors will find more in-depth information. Additional content will be created bit by bit and extend the effect of a visit sustainably.


The new website displays empty seats in the upcoming shows more prominently. With its responsive design, the website can easily be used on the go. Because of this, we anticipate a better utilization of their offerings.

The website was implemented by the city of Freiburg. Thanks to close consultation from the beginning on, our designs could be fully put into practice. The project proves that even on a modest budget quick wins that lead to visible improvements can be realised with manageable effort. Since January 2018, the planetarium shines with a new design that lives up to the experiences that it creates. The revamped appearance contrasts pleasantly with other rather unemotional corporate designs of planetariums and attracts attention.

Client // Planetarium Freiburg

Partner // know idea

Year // 2017

Role // Service Design, User Experience, Information Architecture