Mobile WAP Application for the European Tourism Industry

The goal of the EU co-funded project "MEMO eTEN: A Multichannel Platform for the European Tourism Industry" was to offer a platform to culturally interested travelers. In 2006 the existing website was in a second project phase augmented with commercial travel information regarding hotels and restaurants together with the possibility to arrange individual itineraries and book those through partnering travel agencies.


Within the scope of the project, Moltomedia developed a mobile WAP application that allowed access to the data on the go. Tourists were enabled to share their travel with family and friends at home by sending pictures taken with their cell phone camera to a MMS blog. In addition the project explored the potential of mobile ticketing in museums and other tourist venues.

Mobile Application based on TYPO3

TYPO3 was used as a Framework for administration of navigation structure and layout of the mobile application. A mobile device handler identifies the device, reads its properties out of the WURFL database and fits the content to the particular device. Data is fetched through XML and SOAP interfaces directly out of the database administered by a project partner.


During a traineeship I took over the project from a former employee at Moltomedia and was responsible for project management, research and detailed conceptualization. Besides coordinating internal activities I communicated with the other project partners on a regular basis, researched on mobile phone usage, presented our progress and wrote official reports. Along with Moltomedia partners from France, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic and Hungary were involved in the project. French had been agreed on as official project language.

Agency // Moltomedia

Client // Memo eTEN

Year // 2006 - 2007

Role // Project Management, Conceptual Design