User Experience

Just like you do not start building a house before thoroughly planned, a concept phase prior to the development of websites and mobile apps is recommendable. A well-thought-out concept improves user experience and often pays off through a quicker implementation without preventable misguided development.


As user experience expert I analyze your existing digital products, identify useful features and plan easy to use information structures.


Wireframes visualize elements and structure of websites


Whether quick sketches with paper and pencil or interactive prototypes in Axure, wireframes help visualizing elements and structure of websites with relatively little effort and thus eliminate costly misguided development.

The information architecture structures content and functionality for an intuitive user guidance.

Information Architecture

For intuitive user guidance I create a navigation concept that structures content and features into meaningful categories and hierarchy levels.

Usability tests uncover the biggest flaws of existing offerings or prototypes.

Usability Consulting

A heuristic expert evaluation in which I take the view of users in a so-called cognitive walkthrough or a usability test with few participants already uncover the major usability issues.

Persona UX method


Personas summarize common characteristics of user segments. These imaginary users facilitate empathy and focussing all decisions on real user needs.

User Experience Workshops

User Experience Case Studies