Business Design

At the end of the day, commercial success is what counts. Innovation can be both an opportunity and a threat. Don’t let yourself be surprised by developments in your market, rather, plan ahead today.


I will help you follow what is happening in the market and help you recognize new opportunities and develop business models for the future.

Business Model Innovation with the Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas creates a visualization of business models that is made up of nine components on a single sheet of paper. New business models can be created by changing the individual components.

Value Proposition Canvas Example

Value Proposition Canvas

The Value Proposition Canvas is focused on the Value Proposition as the core element of the Business Model Canvas. Valuable propositions can be developed by understanding the customer’s tasks, problems, and benefits.

Lean Startup Process: Build - Measure - Learn

Enterprise Lean Startup

The start-up strategy of validating ideas in very short product development cycles and continuing to develop these ideas on the basis of customer feedback can also be a fruitful strategy for established companies.

Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas

Blue Ocean Strategy

The Blue Ocean Strategy focuses on understanding customer needs that the competition has not yet recognized and developing profitable business models on that basis.

Data Canvas

Data Canvas – Using data for novel business models

Map and trigger questions to use data for novel business models

Business Design Case Studies

  • Mentor of four teams in the 12-week innovation program Rhevo
  • Value Proposition Workshop for Roche Diagnostics
  • Business Model Consulting for a cloud software of a startup