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Die UX-Landschaft nach XING FutureMe

29.06.2014 in DeutschGedankenNewsUser Experience  by Katrin Mathis

Letzte Woche hat das Business Netzwerk XING einen neuen kostenlosen Dienst gestartet: FutureMe soll Nutzern des Netzwerks Karrierewege und Neuigkeiten zu relevanten Berufen aufzeigen. Aus meiner Sicht eignen sich die anonymisierten Daten aus etwa 14 Millionen Profilen des führenden Business-Netzwerks aber auch sehr gut für einen Überblick über die User Experience (UX)-Landschaft in Deutschland und der Schweiz.


On my Part-time MBA Study Plans

04.07.2013 in EnglishNewsWeiterbildung  by Katrin Mathis
Service Innovation and Design at Laurea University of Applied Sciences

As some of you will already know I will start a MBA program in Service Innovation and Design from September at Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Reason enough to tell you a bit more about my plans. It's a part-time program which means that I will keep doing freelance work much like it has been for the past year only reduced to around 80% of my current workload. 


My week as rotating curator for @ichbinBW

03.05.2013 in EnglishNews  by Katrin Mathis

Oliver Gassner has started the @ichbinBW Twitter account in the beginning of the year. Each week a different person from Baden-Württemberg curates the account with their own personal touch. The concept of Rotation Curation was started by @Sweden in December 2011 and has since spread to not only countries but also regions, cities and even companies such as @being-vodafone. I'm not born in Baden-Württemberg but have lived here for most of the past 8 years. After following the account for a while I decided to apply for curating the account between April 22 and April 28.


Studying Interaction Design with Thousands Others on Coursera

03.04.2013 in EnglishNewsWeiterbildung  by Katrin Mathis

This week, a new Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) course started on Coursera. It is already the third issue of this 9 week long course taught by Standford University. Heather had told me about having taken the very first course at Girl Geek Dinner Freiburg and so I signed up for the second course starting in September 2012 to deepen my knowledge of Interaction Design and to give this new kind of e-learning a try. Here I want to share my experience for those who are still thinking about signing up for the newest course - it's not too late yet.


Google Analytics Interface Changes

17.01.2013 in EnglishNews  by Katrin Mathis

If you logged into your Google Analytics account yesterday you may have noticed some changes as Google has rolled out a structural makeover of their navigation plus an improved dashboard.

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