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Sunscreen Dispensers as Useful Public or Brand Service

It's been unusually hot over the past weeks in Germany and climate change experts expect that we will face such heat waves more often in the next decades. When Mr. WOM reported on a sunscreen dispenser in a beach club in Hamburg I thought this is a perfect example for an useful and unobtrusive service that is novel enough for effective word-of-mouth marketing. This made me curious about whether any brands have come up with something like this as a brand service.


How Constraints Drive the Adoption of Groundbreaking Ideas

Earlier this year I had taken another MOOC on Coursera after the course on Human-Computer Interaction last year: Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations by Prof. David Owens of Vanderbilt University.


The course was structured around six innovation constraints: Internal factors are creative ideas by individuals, a supportive group and capable execution by the organization while external constraints are a willing market that recognizes utility and value, favorable regulations and a functioning technology.


The UX Professional as Business Consultant

I recently watched a video from IXD13 in which Cindy Chastain made the case for the UX Professional as Business Consultant. She states that historically industrial design has always had a relation to business and that customer experience is increasingly becoming an essential business strategy. For her talk she got opinions from a panel of experts including Jesse James Garret, Whitney Hess and Dave Gray.



On my Part-time MBA Study Plans

04.07.2013 in EnglishNewsWeiterbildung  by Katrin Mathis
Service Innovation and Design at Laurea University of Applied Sciences

As some of you will already know I will start a MBA program in Service Innovation and Design from September at Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Reason enough to tell you a bit more about my plans. It's a part-time program which means that I will keep doing freelance work much like it has been for the past year only reduced to around 80% of my current workload. 


UX Family Reunion at UXCamp Europe in Berlin

22.06.2013 in EnglishEventsUser Experience  by Katrin Mathis
UXCamp Europe 2013

For the fourth time in a row, the European UX family came together on June 21 - 23 for an energetic weekend at Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum in Berlin Adlershof. While in 2009 the organizers were still worried whether they would be able to attract 200 participants at all, this year the 200 German tickets were sold out in less than 60 seconds and the 200 international tickets in a matter of minutes. After I had been stuck on the waitlist due to technical problems last year I was able to grab a ticket this time. In this blog post I want to share some of my personal highlights with those who have not been as lucky.

Katrin Mathis, UX Konzepterin und Service Designerin aus Freiburg

Katrin Mathis
MBA in Service Innovation & Design und BSc in OnlineMedien berät seit über 10 Jahren Unternehmen, die digitale Transformation zum Nutzen ihrer Kunden einzusetzen.


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