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Hi, I am Katrin Mathis. I guide organizations through digital transformation. As a service designer, I am an information architect for the digital age. Rather than design websites, I transform the services they deliver. I provide a basis for choosing your digital strategy. My thoughtful concepts lay the foundation for successful digital offerings with noticeable value, thereby helping you to stay sustainable and grow healthily through more satisfied customers and employees.


With a fresh pair of eyes, I examine your market, current trends, and user needs. Empathetically, I make sense of different perspectives. In doing so, I help you to become more customer-centric and to gain more valuable insights!


Where traditional methods reach their limits, I reduce complexity applying visionary methods and structure your thoughts for fresh ideas. Understand implications for your business and evolve continuously!


For coherent customer experiences, I improve digital applications and processes and interlink them cross-functionally. Early on, my prototypes make ideas tangible and build bridges between parties. Watch your ideas become reality!

I work for any sector, drawing ideas from different sectors to provide inspiration. You know your business best. Your experience and my knowledge of the latest methods in User Experience, Service Design Thinking, Business Design, and Online Marketing form a winning combination. For your business goals, I develop concepts, impart knowledge, support you during implementation and measure success. Book me as a consultant, an interim team member, or a complete team together with partners from my network.

Over 50 workshops and projects with international clients

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